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Become an Affiliate

Want to earn money selling our books?

At Cheriton House Publishing we are always on the lookout for affiliates to help us sell our books and also the books of other publishers.

Becoming an affiliate is simple, fast and free.

We use a 3rd-party, ebook seller and affiliate program called E-Junkie.

Joining the E-junkie affiliate program is free and only takes a minute. Once you sign up you can then go into your affiliate admin, choose which ebooks you want to promote and the affiliate code is provided for you. All you have to do is copy and paste it into your website and every time a sale is generated through your affiliate link, you earn 50% commission. Affiliate commissions are paid monthly through PayPal.

What You Need to Do Now

To join the Cheriton House Publishing affiliate program, simply click on the link below and you'll be taken to the Cheriton House Sales page on E-Junkie where you'll see all the Cheriton House ebooks. Click on any ebook and you'll be taken to the sales page for that ebook. At the bottom of the page there is a link you can click to join the Cheriton House Publishing affiliate program.

Affiliate commissions are paid within 1 to 4 weeks after the month end.

Use the link below to join the Cheriton House Affiliate Program.

Join our Affiliate Program

You'll see once you join the program that there is a common affiliate link and a hop link. A common affiliate link, when clicked, will take customers to the home page of this website. Hop links are links to individual products and will take a customer to the sales page for that particular product you are promoting. However, whether you use a common affiliate link or an individual hop link, once a customer comes to our website, you will earn an affiliate commission for any eligible item they purchase that is part of our affiliate program. Cookies, once set, are valid for 6 months. So even if a customer doesn't purchase straight away, but returns to our website within 6 months, you will still earn your affiliate commission.

If you need ebook covers that you can use to help promote our products, simply use any of the images from this page.

PLEASE NOTE: It is acceptable for affiliates to use their own affiliate link to purchase our products, but ONLY if you are an active affiliate and have sold AT LEAST 6 books or ebooks to other customers. And by active, this means that you are currently promoting at least one of our products on your website.

Also please note that it is NOT acceptable to promote our products by spamming or any other unethical means. It is also not acceptable to sell products by exaggerating (lying) about them.

Any affiliates who use their own link to gain 50% discount on our products when they have not achieved at least 6 sales to other customers and are not actively promoting our products, or uses spamming or any other unethical means to promote our products will not be paid.

To date this threat of non-payment has never had to be carried out. Thank goodness. But sadly this condition has had to be added because of those who have abused this affiliate offer.

More Ways to Make Money From Our Books

You can also join the affiliate program with or and start earning commission for selling our books from there too.

Just use the two Amazon links above to be taken straight to our sales page on Amazon.

There will be many more ebooks added very soon so keep checking back for more.

Want to Sell Even More Ebooks and Writing Courses?

The Self Development Network have a huge list of books for writers that you can affiliate to for free and start selling straight away.

Below is a list of books for writers published by The Self Development Network.

Click on any of the images to view the sales page then click on the affiliate link to sign up and start earning money from all affiliate sales.

Alternatively, go directly to The Self Development Affiliate Sign Up Page to join straight away.


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