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7 Day Ebook Writing and Publishing System

How to write and publish an ebook and start getting sales in just one week.

7 Day Ebook Writing System.


How to Write an Article in 15 Minutes or Less - Including Research, Writing and Proof Reading.

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Stand By Me

An Adult Romance Novel

Lola and Daniel love being together and always have great sex.

So why is it that he won't leave his wife?

Just what is it that makes him think that his wife needs him more than she does?

This is not your usual romatic novel with a "happily ever after" ending.

Instead it has a surprising and touching ending that will make you re-think what you were reading up until that moment, and make you cry.

Don't you just love a good ending to a great book?

Get rid of writer's block forever.


Goodbye Writer's Block: How to Be a Creative Genius and Have an Abundance of Ideas Plus the Inspiration and Motivation to Write

Want to write but stuck for ideas? Well, with this ingenous ebook, you'll never be stuck for anything to write ever again. Fiction or non-fiction.

E-publish every book you write, quickly and easily


E-Publish and Be Damned! How You Can Make a Million Writing Your Own Ebooks

Are You a Writer?

Do you want to publish all your own books but don't know how or think it's too difficult. Well here's an e-publishing guide that will help you e-publish all your books in minutes.

Living the Laptop Lifestyle Working from Home



Living The Laptop Lifestyle: How to Start & Grow a Profitable Online Business So You Can Quit Your Job

Is going to work something you suffer through all week so you can enjoy the weekends?
Do you bury your dreams and passions so you can chase a paycheck every week?
Do you spend Sundays with a feeling of dread because you know Monday is right around the corner?

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Copyright Infringement - What to Do if Someone Steals Your Content And/Or if You Are Falsely Accused of Stealing Someone's Content

This book details the stories of two authors, Ruth Barringham from Australia and Yuwanda Black from the USA. One author had her online content stolen and her name slandered when she complained about the theft; the other author was falsely accused of stealing someone's online content. In this book they both recount their stories of what happened.

This new quit smoking course will amaze you



How To Quit Smoking - Without Giving Up Cigarettes

This is a brilliant and ingenious quit-smoking course in one small book. If you've ever wanted to quit smoking, but you hate the idea of giving up your cigarettes, then this book is for you.

Make Money With Your Own Websites - The Complete Online Course


The Complete Online Course

Want to build your own websites and make money online, but don't know how?

The Complete Online Course

How to write web page content,
How to create all your own websites
And how to earn income from every website you build.

No problem.

A 3-in-1 web page design course that's written for complete beginners. No Previous HTML knowledge required.


Self Publish Worldwide Cover Image


Self-Publish Worldwide

Just Imagine how great it would be to work from home as a full-time author, safe in the knowledge that EVERY SINGLE BOOK YOU WRITE will be published.


Well Now That Life Can Be Yours! And I'll Tell You How Easily you can do it.

You Can Self-Publish Your Books and Sell them Internationally Quickly and Easily Without Even Leaving Your Chair No Matter Where You Live in the World.


Take the 12 Month Writing Challlenge and Start Earning Money Right Away


The 12 Month Writing Challenge

Are you sick and tired of wishing you could earn a full-time living as a freelance writer, but you just don't know how to earn money from writing, or you want to earn even more money from your writing?

Well, I'm about to show you how to earn at least $36.000 in just one year as a freelance writer.


When a Computer Game Has The Ability to Kill...You Have to Start PLAYING FOR REAL


Playing For Real

When Josh Harrison inherits the computer game made by his dead uncle, he is amazed at how real the on-screen graphics look.

But he soon discovers that the game is more real than he could ever have imagined.

When he first begins to play the game, it appears to be just an ordinary hero's quest game and apart from the amazing, life-like graphics, it's quite dull.

But when Josh begins to notice the similarities between the deaths of his on-screen hero and the deaths happening around him, he decides to stop playing.

The game, however, has other ideas...

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